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Product info


Thibra3D Skulpt: an unique 3D filament: print it... then sculpt it!

Thibra3D Skulpt is an unique sculptable filament for 3D printing. It allows the user to make adjustments or changes on 3D prints after printing! Thibra3D Skulpt is infinitely changeable when heated with a hot air gun. A revolutionary filament for industrial designers, prototyping, artists, architects, prop makers or anyone who wants to make complete, clean and extremely smooth creations with their 3D printer. You no longer have to worry about printing lines, blobs or zits in the surface of your 3D print. Try it yourself! Imagine the time, material and frustration you will safe... Thibra3D Skulpt comes in cool colors lending extreme clarity to forms and shadows.


Thibra3D Skulpt

Thibra3D Skulpt Gold

Thibra3D Skulpt Copper

Thibra3D Skulpt Black



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